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Barrio Logan

Tortas and sandwhiches

oh and don’t forget pico de gallo

at the Ponderosa Market

concrete and adobe,

or what seems to be like it,

painted in reds, blues, yellows

with the occasional black graffitti

boys running around like dogs

marking their territory

but that stuff under the bridge,

it’s been persecuted as graffitti

the brown hands and brown

eyes that look upon the naked

woman and laughing children

like the snake in the beak

of an eagle flying from yesterday

into today’s sun blaring in the eyes

of the commuters trailing off like

a hearse, who just pass the murals

and say “oh how distasteful”

Posted on Friday 29th, Jun, 2012 at 11:11 pm 
Notes 2

On a dog:

"we made a connection:

"it smells"

On the sunrise:

"It makes me feel so alive"

"too foggy"

On a lost bag of clothes

"at least the experience was fun"

"Fuck whoever stole it"

On work:

"I need a job"

"I hate my job"

On cardigans:

"They are so fashionable"


On moms:

"I hate my mom"

"love her, cause she’s the only one"

On coming out:

"I’m totally gay, a lesbian to be precise"

"I’m human"

On God:

"I don’t know; I’ve tried to find this ‘higher power’, I’ve been praying but in the end I think it’s all delusional thinking"

"Faith. He’s there"

On love:

"You’re my first love"

"I love you."

Posted on Sunday 24th, Jun, 2012 at 04:33 am 
Notes 2

The devils on the 

right; the angels

to the left— cars,

buses, police truckin’

on, stopping at the red 

lights, groaning at the 

turn signals and at those

who don’t use them

going, going, going

like cans of soup

on the assembly line,

fill ‘em up and on 

they go, from recycled

tin the young and the old—

going home, making a drug deal,

rushing to the ER, crossing the bridge

cursing the jumper saying he should’ve

for holding you up and on the bus

we tap, tap, tap our fingers

and shake, shake, shake our ankles

plugged in, plugged out

the way we talk or don’t

it’s all art, ART!

let us ride, ride

the frayed paint brush

Posted on Sunday 24th, Jun, 2012 at 04:30 am 
Notes 1